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Bucket List

This was not forwarded, this was not copied or pasted. This is all me, for me, and frankly about darn time I got it out of my head. Here are the things I want to do, before I go all corpsey. I plugged the first 99 into a random generator, so things would be mixed up nicely. :)

1. Play a musical instrument well
2. Talk myself out of a ticket****Done July 2010
3. Tour Europe****Done Dec 2010-January 2011// AND Done again 2012
4. Box in a boxing ring
5. Go to Rio during Carnival
6. Go on a cruise in the Caribbean
7. Draw a comic for the Sunday pape
r8. Throw my best friend a Bachelorette Party
9. See a Volcano up-close****Extinct count? Done Hawick June 2012
10. Own a pair of Prada shoes
11. See a musical on Broadway
12. Excel in my field
13. Buy my mom a number 1 Barbie
14. Ride on an Elephant
15. Attend Fashion Week
16. Rescue an animal from the shelter
17. ... on the forest floor
18. Become a grandmother
19. Experience weightlessness
20. Visit the D.H. Lawrence Ranch and lay on the bench
21. See the Sacre Couer****Done January 2011
22. Coast to Coast road trip
23. Maintain a healthy weight around 150
24. Give birth… naturally
25. Go skiing
26. Design my dream house... And live in it.
27. Own a Harley
28. Be on a sailboat
29. Climb a mountain and camp at the summit
30. Stand in Time's Square
31. See at least half of the World's Seven wonders
32. Go to a nude beach
33. Play a game of football, in my sixties
34. Make a seven course dinner
35. Learn to play the Guitar
36. Graduate from College with my Masters
37. Make a quilt with my mom
38. Go backpacking
39. Go to New Orleans****Done March 2010
40. Own a Scottish Terrier
41. Sing on stage
42. Stop Smoking
43. Be envious of my own 401k
44. Put a message in a bottle into the ocean
45. Be the obnoxious grandmother at my grandkid's weddings
46. Serve Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving at a homeless shelter
47. … on a beach
48. See my children married
49. Get Married
50. Get caught in the rain… Sound of Music Style
51. Anger a French Canadian in Quebec
52. Go Scuba Diving
53. Grand Canyon****Done August 2010
54. Place a stupid amount of money on number 7 at the Roulette table
55. Be an extra in a movie
56. Graduate from College with my Bachelors
57. March for a cause
58. Visit Tolkien's grave in Oxfordshire
59. Write my Autobiography
60. Hitchhike
61. Waltz with the man I love in an empty ballroom
62. Ride on a tandem bike
63. Start a college Scholarship
64. Read a book at the Boston Library
65. Contribute towards something great
66. Party in Vegas****Done March 2011
67. Watch my kids walk the stage in college
68. Stand with my head out of the sunroof of a limosuine
69. Celebrate my Diamond Wedding Anniversary
70. Learn to Salsa Dance
71. Be served breakfast in bed on Mothers Day
72. Go to the underground Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai
73. Get drunk off Guinness, in Ireland****December 2010
74. Meet a famous Actor
75. Celebrate New Years in Paris*****2010-2011
76. Attend a Super Bowl
77. Design an essential piece of software
78. Be part of a "Live Studio Audience"
79. Compile a recipe book to pass along
80. See New England in the Fall
81. Ride the L Train
82. Learn to take a compliment
83. Save a life
84. Read the entire Bible
85. Write a book
86. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
87. Ask for a substantial raise
88. Be a mentor
89. Inspire a child
90. Paint a masterpiece(ish)
91. Join a book club
92. Cry at an Opera
93. Own an Ernest Lawson original
94. Fish with my dad off a boat in the ocean
95. Become an expert on a given topic
96. Go to Disneyworld/land/euro
97. Read all of the books on
98. Visit Heidelberg again
99. Drink wine in a vineyard
100.Live everyday to the fullest